Scotfest Estes Park – The Long’s Peak Scottish-Irish Highlands Festival

Scotfest Estes Park

The Long’s Peak Scottish-Irish Highlands Festival


In 2016, The Long’s Peak Scottish-Irish Highlands Festival, (affectionately known as Scotfest Estes Park), celebrates it’s 40th year in the Rocky.

Referred to by many as the “Best in the World”, Scotfest Estes Park – a non-profit corporation, celebrates heritage and history with international performances, pageantry, precision, inspiring music, patriotism, and more.

Known throughout the world for its beautiful mountain setting and powerful performances, Scotfest Estes Park is the place where bagpipes fill the air – over 500 Irish and Scottish Dancers storm the land, and courageous jousters risk their lives to win major cash prizes, honor, and respect from the ladies. You’ll find Dogs of the British Isles, sounds of the canons over the lake, live bands, strong man athletics competitions, Scottish-Irish food, Celtic shopping, and even an official Festival Leprechaun! And of course, there’s ales, lager and Scotch from the old country as well.



Celebrating forty years of the best military bands in one beautiful location, Tattoo Estes kicks off Scotfest 2016 with a new and exciting, fast-paced lineup – including the Denver Broncos Stampede Drum Line!

“It has been said, that one does not know where the soul of a military regiment lives but one must acknowledge that it is expressed in its band.”

When you attend the Long’s Peak Scottish-Irish Highland’s Festival Tattoo your heart will thrill as you hear the souls of these bands – the drums, the pipes and the horns – echoing off the mountains surrounding Estes Park. With a cast of over 300, the Tattoo is filled with pageantry and patriotism, as well as spirit and spectacle, expressing its gratitude to the USA military and its long alliance with Great Britain, Canada and the Commonwealth. It has continued to thrill audiences for four decades now with a spectacular, awe-inspiring ceremonial performance of military music by massed bands.

As Scotfest founder Dr. Jim Durward has written in his memoirs,

“…let me share a few favorite old sayings that for me that still contain a lot of wisdom. They are as follows:

“Slippery are the steps at the Big House.”

“Light a lantern for somebody else to see the path and it will also light your path.” And,

“What all men and women and children live for is to find their roots and belong.”

So come, find your clan, raise a glass and join in the joy and celebration of Scotfest 2016.