Episode 4 – “Lions, Coyotes and Bears, Oh My!”

Coyote 1

Episode 4 – “Lions, Coyotes and Bears, Oh My!”

Coyotes howling, beavers building, elk bugling, moose munching, bighorn sheep climbing, and eagles soaring, all in a pristine setting, with amazing views and a backdrop of the Rocky Mountains towering to 14,000 feet into the heavens! – No wonder Rocky Mountain National Park is one of America’s favorite places to see wildlife and birds!

When you come to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, you are sure to have a wild encounter – guaranteed! Even if it’s just with the Ravens in the McDonald’s parking lot.

Join us for a wonderful wildlife adventure in today’s episode of Mountain Town West.

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 and The Evergreens on Fall River.

Hawk screech & elephant recorded by Mike Koenig. Attribution 3.0

Coyote photo by Josh Felise

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